Delaunay / Voronoi diagram

Author: Johannes Schindelin (Johannes.Schindelin at GMX.DE)
History: 2006/08/14: First public version
2006/08/19: Fix zooming; draw diagram in zoom indicator
2006/08/20: Fix zooming of selection; have a dialog to chose parameters
Limitation: Uses slow algorithm
Source: Included in Delaunay_Voronoi.jar. It is based on an applet from Paul Chew.
Installation: Download Delaunay_Voronoi.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be a new command in the Plugins menu, "Delaunay Voronoi".
Description: This plugin draws a Delaunay or Voronoi diagram from a point selection. Initially, a Delaunay diagram is drawn from the current point selection. To get a Voronoi diagram, just hit the Space key. The diagram is updated upon changes of the selection.

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