IsoSurface Extractor

Author: Johannes Schindelin (Johannes.Schindelin at GMX.DE)
History: 2006/12/19: First public version
Limitation: The size of the 3d window is fixed to 400x400 at the moment.
Source: Included in Extract_Surface.jar. It uses Quick3dApplet, a Java library for fast 3d visualization in Java Applets (i.e. without Java3d, and it even loads in the stone-age versions of Java shipped by Microsoft). See Quick3dApplet for the source code.
Installation: Download Extract_Surface.jar and Quick3dApplet-1.0.8.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be a new command in the Plugins menu, "vib>Extract Surface".
Description: This plugin loads creates a 3d surface from an Image Stack. It is rendered into an ImagePlus, so you can duplicate, zoom and even enhance contrast as you are used to do with all other images.

However, if you drag the mouse in the window, you rotate the surface in 3d. When holding down the Shift key, you move it instead, and when you hold down the Alt key, you zoom in / out.

Optionally, the result can be saved into a VRML file. Try it with an example (1.1MB).

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